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Los productos para cuidar tu prótesis capilar que siempre debes tener en casa

When buying and using a hair prosthesis it is necessary to use and have at home some useful products for the same prosthesis that are technically called maintenance products.

In fact, using a hair prosthesis requires several useful products for its preservation and cleaning.

Recommendations for maintenance

While performing the maintenance, we always recommend having a prosthesis to alternate and it is highly recommended to have at least two other reserves, the good carrier – the good carrier always has at least four.

Who uses hair prostheses, in fact, knows how important the weekly switch between the two implants is so as not to wear them down with continued use more quickly.

You also know how important it is to have at least 2 reserve prostheses, since the coordination of orders is often lengthened and since you can often have a prosthesis break and then an emergency.

The wearer of hair prostheses, is never in emergency situations and understands that the prosthesis is a fundamental element of his image, so he always strives to alternate two prostheses and always has new escort prostheses.

But we list those that are the most important maintenance products and that a good client of hair prostheses always has to keep.

Maintenance Products

  1. A support, or head, on which to rest the hair prosthesis during the weekly change and during drying. This product is essential to avoid deforming the base and allowing the hair to dry well.
  2. Sulfite-free shampoo , important so as not to ruin the hair cuticle and to always keep hair soft and smooth. We advise not to exceed the use of shampoo, remember that the hair of a prosthesis does not have a bulb and therefore tends to get much less dirty than native hair.
  3. Restructuring cream . This is a key product to have and to use with every wash to restructure the system’s hair. Always double lasting compared to what is stated in the instructions and then wash your hair leaving a little cream residue on them which will allow for greater hydration of the system.
  4. Adhesive glue . If you use a hair system to adhere with glue, this is a fundamental maintenance product. Always take at least 2 spare parts and always check that they have not hardened, avoid being in an emergency.
  5. Adhesive tapes . Tapes are another key product if you decide to anchor the prosthesis with adhesives. They are usually placed on the perimeter and allow very strong adhesion even in the case of a beach or pool bath.
  6. Newlacecu liquid silicone . Liquid silicone is a product that should be used once a month to restore hair life. It is placed in a sink and then left to soak with the prosthesis and should not be rinsed. This product rebuilds hair and makes it smooth and shiny.
  7. Solvent for the adhesive . If you use tapes or adhesives, the solvent is essential because you need it weekly to clean the base. There are several methods to clean a base, from the mirror to the soaking. But all of them require the use of the solvent that you should always have on hand.
  8. Sealing knot . If you have a monofilament or lace hair prosthesis, this product is very useful because it strengthens the knots and the base itself. It also lengthens the adhesion times of the glues.
  9. Protective scalp. The Sclap protector creates a wall between your skin and the base of the prosthesis that allows skin protection, greater adhesion and protection of the base against sweat. Therefore, it is a very important product in the use of hair implants.

Where to find maintenance products for hair implants?

Visit now our section of maintenance products for hair prostheses , there you will find all these products and many more.

We invite you to study them all forever and choose the ones that are most suitable for you.

Some products that may interest you:

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